Cell phone and digital device policy

Miraval Mode

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. In everything we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body and spirit.

In order to foster a tranquil environment for all our guests, please understand and adhere to “Miraval Mode” during your visit.


Miraval is a digital device-free property. 
Digital devices include your cell phone, e-reader, tablet, camera, laptop, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, and smart watches. 

Miraval Mode is allowing yourself to unplug and be present. Miraval guests are required to unplug from all digital devices, including your cellphone, e-readers, tablets, and focus on living in the present moment and being aware of your surroundings. Leave your phone in your cell phone sleeping bag you receive at check-in, place it in its cell phone “bed” and enjoy living in the now. We understand that you may want to capture your experience on your phone camera, please do, but be mindful of the other guests on property. If you do need to use your digital device outside of your room, we will show you the designated areas on property where device usage is permitted. Please keep your devices and notifications on silent or in airplane mode.

During your visit you may notice some of our colleagues on cellular devices – rest assured this is our means for taking care our guest’s needs and maintaining our beautiful property.

Also, in consideration of those around you, please refrain from using digital devices to take notes in lectures/workshops. Complimentary notepads and pens are provided for your convenience.

Please understand that you may be approached by a Miraval colleague to terminate cell phone or digital device usage in areas not designated for digital devices. Please be mindful of guests around you when using it in designated cell phone areas.


to help you unplug
  1. Share the dates of your Miraval stay with friends and family and let them know that you will be taking time to unplug and be present in the here and now.

In case of emergencies, you can be reached via Miraval Guest Service agents who are available 24/7, and will know how to best reach you on property. Miraval Guest Services =  #512.531.5000

  1. Turn on your “out of office” message for both personal and work email. We’ve made it easy and crafted a message for you. Simply copy and paste.

“I’m creating a life in balance at Miraval Austin from xx – xx. Miraval promotes a digital device – free environment, therefore my access to all digital devices, including my cell phone, will be extremely limited. Thank you for supporting my Miraval journey.”

  1. Take advantage of the time on your shuttle or car ride to Miraval to send off any last texts or emails. We recommend putting your phone on “Airplane Mode” to prevent any notifications, incoming calls, or alerts from disrupting your stay.
  2. Go analog – be sure to pack a hard copy of your favorite book, the latest bestseller in paperback, or a bundle of magazines. E-readers are not permitted in non-designated areas on property. 
  • We’ve created a custom lock screen for your cell phone as a reminder to “Live in the Moment”. Remember that you control your intentions, not your phone. Click here to download.

Cell phones and digital devices at Miraval should be kept on silent or in airplane mode at all times. Talking and texting on digital devices is only permitted in the designated cell phone areas. We understand that you may want to use your digital device camera to capture your Miraval experience throughout your stay – please do! We encourage you to share on social media in the comfort of your guest room in between activities or at the end of your day. In addition, in consideration of those around you, please refrain from using digital devices to take notes in lectures/workshops. Complimentary notepads and pens are provided for your convenience.