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Digital Mindfulness

Creating life in balance begins with being fully present and engaged in the moment.

You control your intentions, make the most of them

Welcome to Miraval Mode

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. In everything we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body, and spirit.

Our digital device-free resort lets guests participate in the Miraval experience free of distraction — and gives them permission to unplug. We ask everyone to use technology only in designated locations to practice being mindful of the moment and respectful of fellow guests.

Miraval Digital Wellness Ambassador

Catherine Price

Catherine Price helps people scroll less, live more, and have fun. She is a science journalist, speaker, and the author of How to Break Up With Your Phone and The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again, and her articles and essays have appeared in publications including The Best American Science Writing, The New York Times, Popular Science, The Oprah Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. She's the creator of ScreenLifeBalance.com, a resource hub dedicated to helping people create healthier relationships with technology and get back in touch with what brings them joy.

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Unplug, Be Present

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