Cell phone and digital device policy

Miraval Mode

Mindfulness is the core of the Miraval philosophy. In everything, we do, we encourage our guests to live in the present moment, conscious of the unique intersection of mind, body and spirit. In order to foster a tranquil environment for all our guests, please understand and adhere to “Miraval Mode” during your visit with us.

Miraval Mode: Cell phones and digital devices at Miraval should be kept on silent at all times and that talking and texting is only permitted in the designated digital device access areas. We understand that you may want to use your digital device camera to capture your Miraval experience throughout your stay – please do! We encourage you to share on social media in the comfort of your guest room in between activities or at the end of your day. In addition, in consideration of those around you, please refrain from using digital devices to take notes in lectures/workshops. Complimentary notepads and pens are provided for your convenience.

I understand that I may be approached by a Miraval staff member to terminate cell phone usage in areas not designated for digital devices. I will keep my digital device on “silent” and be mindful of guests around me when using it in designated areas.