Mother-To-Be Pampering

Massage therapy during and after pregnancy can reduce anxiety and relieve muscle and joint pains, while organic facials are an ideal way to soothe and address the changing needs of your skin.

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Mothers-to-be should avoid saunas, steam rooms, and body wraps.

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Prenatal Reiki

This traditional Japanese energy healing technique uses no-touch to light hand placements to channel energy and remove negativity from the body.  Reiki can help you connect with your higher self, leaving you with a sense of peace and wellbeing. Available for guests in all trimesters.

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Prenatal Wild Berry Body Polish

This service uses mineral-rich gifts from the earth to exfoliate and moisturize based on your skin’s needs. Rich white peat and wild berries deliver warming enzymes and concentrated omegas into the skin that intensely exfoliate, combat dry skin, and improve moisture balance. A replenishing massage application of concentrated juniper tree oils leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Available for guests in their second and third trimesters.

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Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy

This form of energy work optimizes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a vital liquid that nourishes and protects the nervous system and brain. This gentle, light-touch therapy shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery – the antithesis of stress. Explore the healing potential of quiet and stillness of both body and mind. Wear yoga or exercise attire. Available for guests in all trimesters.

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Prenatal Crystal Energy Healing

Your therapist will guide you on a personalized spiritual journey. Elements of Reiki healing combine with crystals to balance the Chakras and charge, clear, and cleanse the body’s energy centers. Guided visualization and breathing techniques help to free the energy flow throughout your body. Wear yoga or exercise attire. Available for guests in all trimesters.

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Prenatal Massage

Focused entirely on your personal needs, a gentle yet effective exfoliation to the back is followed by a comforting body massage using a pure, unscented blend of deeply nurturing oils to safely target areas prone to stress, tension, and muscular aches during or after pregnancy. Finishing with a soothing and conditioning scalp massage, this blissful treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Available for guests in their second and third trimester.

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Mother’s Glow Facial

Designed to address the unique needs of your skin pre or post-pregnancy.  After a skin analysis and customization of products, your esthetician cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes your skin for the ultimate mommy glow. Available for guests in all trimesters.

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Prenatal River Flower Ritual

Submerge the senses in the essence of wet mossy earth, preserved under a flowing river. A dry-brush-inspired exfoliation prepares skin for a phyto-nutrient masque that restores moisture. A layer of botanical butter delivers a surge of deep hydration and repair. Conclude with a therapeutic scalp massage. Available for guests in their second and third trimesters.

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Prenatal Miraval Grounding

Enter a state of total relaxation with a massage for the hands, feet, and scalp. This spa-trio technique is infused with essential oils to soothe and soften the skin; an added grounding emulsion delivers a feeling of repose and calm. Available for guests in all trimesters.

Crystal Bowls


Prenatal Pravasana

Pravasana is a Sanskrit term for the commencement of a journey. Close your eyes in a space where visualization and meditation harmonize to the sacred sounds of crystal bowls. Your brainwaves move into a theta state, allowing your body to relax and your mind to fully open to restorative energy work. A variety of energy healing modalities combine for the ultimate curative experience. Return from your journey, wrapped in the comfort of a heavy blanket and beckoned by the thrum of crystal bowls. Wear yoga or exercise attire. Available for guests in all trimesters.

Prenatal Neck & Scalp

Walk away from this intensely nourishing treatment and a healthy scalp. Feel soothed and revitalized with an accompanying neck and shoulder massage. Available for guests in all trimesters.

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Prenatal Focus Massage

Ease tense, aching areas with this targeted treatment. Your therapist will skillfully select the most suitable massage techniques and oils where needed. Available for guests in their second and third trimesters.