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Knead out knots, revive tired muscles, ease chronic pain, and elongate your frame with targeted bodywork sessions.

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Miraval Relax

Begin with a relaxing Swedish massage with an aromatherapy essential oil designed to calm, revitalize, or stimulate your senses. Your therapist kneads away stress and improves circulation, creating an overall feeling of harmony and balance. 60 Min | $210 90 Min | $280

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Miraval Deep

A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialized techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain, and sore, tight shoulders. 60 Min | $235 90 Min | $315

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Austin Apothecary Massage

Experience a sensory journey through indigenous leaves, flowers and herbs inspired by the botanical cornucopia of our Cypress Creek Farm.  Discover the essence of the Texas Hill Country with an interactive aromatherapy experience, designed to offer specific massage intentions and benefits for each aroma.  Be guided by the healing power of nature.

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Calming Hot Stone

Combining the grounding effects of hot stones with the power of botanicals, this treatment calms the mind as it renders muscles more limber and open to massage with anti-oxidant packed essential oils.

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Jade Meridian

Balance the dueling energies of yin and yang and join them in harmony as this celebration and communion of traditional Chinese practices is designed to restore flow and vitality to your essential life force, also known as Qi.  A breath work ritual begins your initiation of discovery.  Jade stones brushed with warming ginger oil glide gently over Chinese meridians, a series of vital life-energy pathways, from the head, over the spine, along arms, legs, hands, and feet which massage your body with subtle, restorative pressure.  Gua sha inspired techniques are incorporated as Qi energy channels are opened, circulation is stimulated relaxing muscles and releasing tension.  Warm towels steeped in Chinese herbs, delicately comfort your body to maximize relaxation and well-being for body and soul.  The essential elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, wind, water, cold, and heat are balanced to harmonize your essential life energy.

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Tibetan Bowl Massage

This meditative service combines the benefits of a Tibetan bowl healing meditation with a full body massage. The healing resonance of Tibetan bowls is thoughtfully applied to promote restoration and relaxation. Allow the unique vibration of the bowls to create peace throughout your mind, body, and spirit with special attention paid to points in need of balance. This service will leave you with a feeling of deep serenity and calm.

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Seasonally Offered (COMING SOON)

Wild Harvest Herbal Healer

Enhance the sense of healing, connection and community with our two-part, Wild Harvest Herb Ritual and Massage. We begin with a harvesting of herbs at our very own Cyprus Creek farm, followed by a an intimate gathering and brief ceremony and intention setting for the experience to come. Grounded in Nature and making a connection to future guests of the Wild Harvest Herbal Healer, provide the essential treatment ingredients of your freshly harvested herbs and intentions for refinement and creation of the products that create the second part of your service. Pausing for a moment of gratitude, put pen to paper and share your intention to be opened by a guest experiencing the products created with your handpicked herbs after their refinement. Part two of your service begins with the serene nature sounds and birdsong filling the treatment room, followed by a brief gratitude ceremony guided by our therapists and the reading of card carrying the intention passed from the hands that pulled the herbs from the garden on your behalf. Finally concluding with a full body relaxation massage using the herbal oils recently harvested then carefully refined on property and carrying the intentions set by those who came before you.


Focused Relaxation Massage

In a more focused version of our MIRAVAL RELAXATION MASSAGE, your therapist works on targeted areas, as they skillfully select the most suitable massage techniques based on your body's needs.



A more focused version of our MIRAVAL DEEP MASSAGE, your therapist concentrates on targeted areas, as they work deep within the sports that need the most attention.

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