Hair & Nail Salon

Keep it simple.  Our salon concept is sure to treat your tresses and tame your mane with signature styles with restorative and hydrating treatments.  Go beyond the basics to nurture your nails or flaunt your style with custom manicures and pedicures.

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Signature Petal Pecan Pedicure

This signature pedicure is inspired by local ingredients from our on-site farm with an exclusive product formulated specifically for Miraval Austin. Begin with floral-infused water to ground your mind, body, and spirit. A gentle wash using an organic, whole plant-based cleanser prepares skin for a crushed rose petal scrub that gently exfoliates with nature’s finest nutrients. A carefully blended mask of honey, pecans, peaches, and chamomile gives your skin a radiant glow with tapping techniques to stimulate circulation. Conclude with a relaxing massage that uses herbal poultices to soothe achy muscles and hydrate skin.

Shampoo & Go

A quick shampoo & condition. Let the hillside breeze dry your locks (does not include blow-dry).

Shampoo & Style

Get soothingly shampooed, calmly conditioned, and fabulously styled while you reflect and rest while we make you look and feel fantastic.

pink deborah lippmann nail polish

Deborah Lippmann Signature Manicure

Our Miraval Manicure sets a new standard for healthy nail care. Following a nail analysis, let your senses escape to the tropics as your hands and arms are smoothed with a marshmallow root scrub, then massaged with a warm blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba, and coconut oil. Shea butter and avocado oil hand cream with broad-spectrum SPF lock in moisture and leave you protected from harmful UV rays.

Deborah Lippmann Signature Pedicure

Our signature pedicure will treat the most overworked feet. After a nail analysis, enjoy a relaxing foot soak in a rosemary and aloe soaking elixir. A heated leg wrap infused with a blend of vitamin E, pure white jojoba, and coconut oil follows. Our warm grapefruit and sea salt scrub is then applied to exfoliate and soften, while a kokum butter and aloe vera foot cream smooths and soothes.

exfoliating scrub used at miraval austin life in balance spa

Foot to Soul Pedicure

This nature-infused footbath will ground your mind, body, and spirit. A rich antioxidant scrub will gently exfoliate, removing impurities while floral-scented waters cleanse and refresh. A beautiful blend of grapeseed, chia seed, pomegranate, cranberry, and pumpkin seed oils are massaged using warm stones to ground and hydrate. Nourish and replenish both body and soul.

woman massaging hand at miraval austin


By pampering our hands, we also nurture our heart and qi center. let your hands soak luxuriously in clove and orange peel saltwater before receiving a full manicure with a gentle chia seed and sugar scrub, and massage with warm rose quartz while hands steam in a hot towel with a waterless hydration treatment.

Polish Not Included

Wanderlust Pedicure

Soak your feet in woodsy-scented waters and let us cleanse, exfoliate, and massage them before filing your nails and taking care of your cuticles.

Polish Not Included

Wanderlust Manicure

Rest your arms and hands with an earth-scented exfoliating cleanse and massage. We keep your nails neat by filing them and caring for your cuticles.


North African-inspired, this pedicure is an exotic treat. We begin by applying an aromatic lemon, coffee blossom, crushed almonds, and olive stone scrub to tired feet and legs. Afterward, a thin masque of warm white jasmine clay hydrates, while a hot stone massage and tangerine and fig butter leave you fully relaxed.

deborah lippmann pedicure

Polish Change

Change up your color by replacing your old shade with a new, fabulous Deborah Lippmann signature nail polish.

black deborah lippmann nail polish

Shellac Removal

This gentle treatment removes gel polish or shellac polish, but will not remove acrylic nails.