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Add a variety of massages, peels, wraps, and treatments to your services to boost your experience and personalize it.

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Woman enjoys delicate facial spa treatment at Miraval Austin.

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Alpha Beta Peel

Restore radiance to the skin without downtime. This patented peel uses a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to improve skin’s texture and firmness while promoting collagen growth. Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sun block prior to any sun exposure after this treatment. 20 Min | $95

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Focus Relax Massage

A more focused verison of our Miraval Relax Massage your therapist will work on targeted areas, as they skillfully select the most suitable massage techniques based on your body's needs. 20 Min | $95

man giving a foot massage

Heal to Toe

Put your feet up and enjoy this relaxing foot and calf ritual that exfoliates, detoxifies and moisturizes. 20 Min | $95

woman laying down relaxing at miraval life in balance spa in austin

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Kośaja, an emergence from cocoon.  Be swaddled in the moist heat of a comforting cocoon.  This intensive heat experience is perfect as a stand-alone service or for a pre or post treatment. 20 Min | $75

Woman enjoys facial massage outdoors at Miraval Austin.

Eye and Lip Refresher

A relaxing treatment to smooth, hydrate and plump the lips. Reduce puffiness, dark circles and firm delicate eye area. Available as an add in to any facial

Woman enjoys relaxing back massage at the spa at Miraval Austin.

Focus Deep Massage

A more focused version of our Miraval Deep Massage your therapist will concentrate on targeted areas, as they work deep within the areas most in need of attention. 20 Min | $105

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A perfect accompaniment for any service.  Feel tension melt away as we treat your scalp with an stimulating oil blend. 20 Min | $95