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A global gathering of inspiring gifts. From Acupuncture to Vasudhara, Thai Massage to Crystal Energy Work, these healing arts combine ancient traditions with time-honored techniques.

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This exclusive service evolved from the healing principles of Thai bodywork to incorporate strands of richly colored hanging silks utilized by your therapist to take you deeper into stretches. Techniques involve deep massage and stretching on a firm floor mat. it is a therapeutic, relaxing procedure that restores healthy blood circulation, eases energy blockage, pain, and tension while improving flexibility and postural alignment. Wear yoga or exercise attire. $

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Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Relax as your practitioner rhythmically stretches and flexes your body, opening and relieving weary muscles. Thai massage renews the body’s energy flow while reducing tension and stress with pressure-point stimulation and targeted stretching. $

Jade Meridian

Begin with a breathwork ritual as jade stones, brushed with warming ginger oil, massage your body with subtle pressure and glide gently over Chinese meridians (vital life-energy pathways that travel from head to toe.) Restore flow and vitality to your essential life force, (Qi). Gua sha-inspired techniques open Qi energy channels, stimulate circulation, relax muscles, and release tension. Warm, Chinese-herb-steeped towels delicately comfort your body. This treatment balances traditional Chinese medicine’s elements (wind, water, cold, and heat) to harmonize your essential life energy. $


Requires Swim Attire


This completely unique and transformative service embraces the weightlessness of water and the deeply relaxing stretches of Thai massage. Your eyes are shielded to block all light, leaving you suspended, adrift in darkness, releasing all that binds you. As you float in water heated to body temperature, sounds from powerful underwater speakers bathe your senses in vibration. Surrender tension and explore the experience within. Muscles lengthen and joints open, as the traditional movements of Thai massage and the weightlessness of water take you more deeply into stretches than you expect. Discover the abundance found within Vasudhara. $

Wear yoga or exercise attire.

Craniosacral Therapy

This form of energy work optimizes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a vital liquid that nourishes and protects the nervous system and brain. Gentle, light-touch therapy shifts the mind and body into a mode of rest and recovery – the antithesis of stress. Explore the healing potential of quiet and stillness in body and mind in this offering. $


Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Pravasana is a Sanskrit term for the commencement of a journey. Close your eyes in a space where visualization and meditation harmonize to the sacred sounds of crystal bowls. Your brainwaves move into a theta state, allowing your body to relax and your mind to fully open to restorative energy work. A variety of energy healing modalities combine for the ultimate curative experience. Return from your journey, wrapped in the comfort of a heavy blanket and beckoned by the thrum of crystal bowls. $

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Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Alleviate tension, reduce pain, and free emotional blocks with this Japanese stress-reduction practice. By applying barely detectable touch with the hands, your practitioner works to enhance the universal energy that flows through the body. Reiki can help you connect with your higher self, leaving you with a sense of peace and wellbeing. $


This therapy focuses on pressure points within the reflex zones of your feet to balance the meridians of the body and bring a greater sense of wholeness and body integrity. $

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Miraval Austin Exclusive

Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Sanskrit for flying breath, this Signature treatment guides you through intentional breathing as your lungs inhale the light scent of lemongrass and a deep sense of peace. Rock gently in a silk sling, breathe in prana, “life force”, and exhale stagnant energy. A handmade weighted blanket embraces and cradles you in a space where breath and pulse dovetail in rhythmic harmony. As silky fibers peacefully suspend you, your guide deeply massages your muscles from below with skilled foot techniques to unburden both sinew and soul. $


Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Yojana (meaning the union between spirits) is a couples’ experience that harnesses the healing power of sound and vibration to restore alignment and harmony to your connection. This Miraval Austin exclusive experience explores the power of intention, sound, and vibration through ritual. Perform a joint Tibetan bowl-ringing ceremony that honors your partner’s intention as you weightlessly transcend space together, awash in sound. Precisely tuned sound bowls pass their cleansing notes and vibration through you and beyond. Experience and co-create the pure tones that clarify the flow and exchange of energy in this uniquely peaceful, shared space.

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Wear yoga or exercise attire

Crystal Energy Healing

Your therapist will guide you on a journey that is unique to you. Elements of Reiki healing are incorporated with the use of crystals to balance the Chakras and charge, clear, and cleanse the energy centers in the body. Guided visualization and breathing techniques help to free the flow of energy throughout your body. $

Wear yoga or exercise attire.


Leonardo da Vinci claimed that the human foot is a "masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." Treat your feet like the masterpieces they are with traditional Thai Massage stretches, compressions, and acupressure. A stimulating foot massage, warm stones, and a Thai acupressure tool deeply affect the foot's muscles by "spooning" the fascia, which increases circulation and mobility. $