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Body Renewal Rituals

Relax your body and mind with restorative rituals that treat the skin with exfoliating scrubs, nourishing wraps, and more for a healthy glow.

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Miraval’s all-organic body ritual begins with a grapefruit kombucha body wash, then an anti-oxidant-rich Hawaiian noni and lime sugar scrub. Your freshly exfoliated skin is treated to a mineral-rich Spirulina body clay blending sweet almond oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E. The grand finale is a blend of argan avocado oil, green tea, and grape seed butter application. 80 Min | $245

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River Flower Wrap

Submerge the senses in the essence of wet mossy earth, preserved under a flowing river. A dry-brush exfoliation prepares skin for a phyto-nutrient masque cocoon, to nourish and restore moisture. A layer of botanical butter delivers a surge of deep hydration and repair. Conclude with your choice of therapeutic scalp or foot massage for refreshing bliss. 50 Min | $185

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This indulgent body scrub begins with an intoxicating blend of sea salts from the coast of Isla Das Rocas and botanicals including Blood Orange, Ocean, or Indian jasmine. These custom mixtures exfoliate, stimulate circulation, detoxify, firm, and soften. A refreshing shower is followed by a gentle massage application of organic essential oils. 50 Min | $185

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Ginger Healer

This restorative journey begins with our therapeutic deep tissue massage. We wrap you in pure ginger rosemary oil, known for its healing effects. While wrapped, you will enjoy a facial marma-point massage, restoring energy to the skin. Your journey ends with an invigorating ginger salt glaze scrub. 80 Min | $275

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The five-step Hammam begins with a fragrant and invigorating exfoliation using coffee, crushed sugar, almonds and lemon essential oil scrub. Next an enveloping wrap follows the application of Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay to draw out impurities while quince and orange blossom are misted over the body. After a refreshing shower, curative essences of cardamom, jasmine, bergamot, amber, and clove replenish the skin. Finish with an application of tangerine fig body butter. 80 Min | $245

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The night's magic whispers under a blanket of sea rocket, cassiope, apple blossom, and moonflower blooming under the stars. Dreamy scents transport the senses, while a full-body sea salt crystal scrub and massage brings a sense of well-being, leaving you in moonlit reverie. 80 Min | $245

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In this six-part body renewal ritual, the skin is gently buffed using a dry brush, followed by a powerful exfoliation of bioactive white peat enzymes, sea minerals, and ripe antioxidant berries. The lymphatic system is then stimulated with the application of a soothing mushroom and phyto-nutrient masque. After showering with an organic purifying cleanser, your skin will be replenished with a fresh berry-oil serum. Conclude with a full-body massage of Arctic berry milk cream to encourage skin regeneration, hydration, and elasticity. 100 Min | $320

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: Find serenity, calm and radiance with this signature ritual, inspired by the healing aromas of laurel leaf copaiba, eucalyptus, and birch. Therapeutic touch starts with an invigorating body and scalp exfoliation to improve circulation. Next, enjoy a phyto-nutrient filled omega berry massage, finishing with a delightful cloud cream bringing weightless hydration and whole-body restoration. Exhale negativity. Inhale serenity. 80 Min | $245

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Rose Renewal

Indulge your senses in this unique treatment that combines the renewing energy of rose oils and rose quartz crystals to elevate positive vibrations and illuminate your skin. Snuggled in a warm cocoon, experience a soothing Red Flower Illuminating Acupressure Face Massage™, while chakra stones clear negative energy. Conclude with a full-body rose relaxation massage to energize and radiate your inner glow. 80 Min | $245

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Kokoro Ritual

Heart, mind and spirit are as one in this wellness ritual, inspired by the thorough art of caring for the body developed and perfected in Japan. Energize your essence with a vigorous exfoliation, a warming ginger grass and bamboo scrub stimulates and releases vital energy throughout the body. A tapotement with organic rice bran gently scented with cherry blossoms releases muscle tension preparing you for skin softening wrap. A rejuvenating facial massage with rose, aloe and avocado evens skin tone and promotes the production of collagen.  The whole body is stretched in a shiatsu-inspired massage with wild lime silk oil followed by a skin softening application of plum blossom silk cream. 100 Min | $320

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Vibrant Morning

A true journey of the senses. Italian blood orange salts invigorate and exfoliate, revealing the glowing new skin below. After a refreshing shower, a blood orange moisturizer is applied, leaving your skin radiant. Begin the day feeling energized and invigorated. 50 Min | $165

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Scrub away the chaos of life with a wildflower-inspired sea salt exfoliation.  Treat your skin to mineral-rich, detoxifying mountain clay as your body is lightly wrapped, then coated with a nutrient-rich body butter. 80 Min | $245

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Wilderness Escape

Escape and connect to nature in this refreshing full-body renewal. A fragrant aromatherapy massage promotes vitality and prepares you for a phytonutrient, juniper-berry oil, and organic wild mushroom facial masque that restores moisture and calms inflammation. Emerge having been touched by nature, discovering the balance held within.100 Min | $320

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Wild Berry Body Polish

Exfoliate and moisturize with lush white peat and wild berry blend that delivers warming enzymes and concentrated omegas to your skin.  A replenishing massage application of juniper tree oil gives your skin a nourished, healthy glow. 50 Min | $185