Our guests often tell us that it’s the people at Miraval Austin that make the difference. We humbly agree.


Our healers, masters, and elite experts are pioneers in their respective fields who are committed to your personal journey. They care deeply about their craft and are passionate about guiding you to heal, explore your future, hold space, or move forward in your life.

Along with local talents from Austin, each is here to light your path to becoming a more mindful, balanced, and creative human being.

  • Sound Healer


    Amanda’s healing journey began with Reiki, which eventually led her to discover the powerful benefits of sound. Amanda is making energy medicine easy and accessible to those who wish to connect to their own inner healer and source of personal power.

  • Wellness Specialist


    As a yoga and meditation teacher, spiritual healer, and ordained minister, Steven offers a path to living your authentic life through compassionate support, mindfulness, and spiritual counsel. He brings over 12 years experience of holding sacred space for his clients through classes, rituals and ceremonies.

  • Astrologer


    Emily Klintworth is an award-winning writer and astrologer. She empowers guests to receive the insights they seek, but also emphasizes developing spiritual strength from within. She is the author of Claiming Your Power Through Astrology and Your Cosmic Compass.

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


    Natalie is a Registered Dietitian who supports women and families as an advocate for healthy, mindful eating. Her mission is to empower women with nutrition education, lifestyle tools, and scientific insight, so they can make informed choices about food and reach their personal nutrition goals.

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  • Core Transformation Therapist


    For 25 years, Jerry Zeiger has been helping people heal emotional wounds to make positive and lasting changes. Core Transformation work is a therapy that acknowledges and invokes the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. It is known as one of the deepest and most rapid means of bringing about healing from any number of mental, emotional, and even physical issues.

  • Astrologer & Tarot Reader


    Lynn is a spiritual guidance counselor specializing in astrology and tarot readings. She began her journey with the metaphysical arts over 40 years ago. Using a variety of astrological techniques -including Shamanic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and the new cosmic paradigm, Diamond Astrology - Lynn shares insights into your life's purpose.

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    Executive Chef

    Ben Baker

    Ben's culinary creativity is rooted in a strong connection to a family tradition of cooking and sharing food.

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  • Dance/Movement Therapist

    Laurel Crawford

    Laurel Crawford, MS, BC-DMT, is a board-certified dance/movement therapist with over ten
    years of experience. She is passionate about utilizing mind/body processes to integrate the
    body, mind, and spirit. Laurel believes that practices that combine self-compassion and creative movement can turn your body into a sanctuary, as well as an outlet for expressing emotion. Your body, Laurel asserts, is where you live. As a dance/movement therapist, Laurel can support you in transforming your body into your best home. Laurel uses a balance of self-reflective and interactive techniques to help individuals and groups enhance awareness, connection, and expression. Laurel is a performing dancer and drummer and believes in engaging in the creative process to discover authentic paths to joy.

  • Cynthia McClure

    Texas musician and storyteller, Cynthia Vera McClure is delighted to lead Miraval Austin’s Fire and Folklore program. Cynthia’s songs and stories draw from her years of living and traveling throughout Texas and the Southwest. Cynthia grew up along the Texas border hearing legends and songs from Abuelas (grandmothers) and extended family members who captivated her with humorous tales and larger-than life characters. She has always had a passion for the arts and has studied dance and music throughout her childhood and adult life. As part of her dedication to music and lifelong learning, she studies guitar from professional guitarist Derek Halfmann at Austin School of Music. In singing, playing guitar, and writing music, she has found her purpose. She hopes to inspire, uplift, and connect guests with the soul of Central Texas.