Freshen up your fitness routine. A rich roster of entertaining and effective classes at our Body Mindfulness Center makes getting fit fun for all levels of participants.

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This class allows for a full 30-minute indoor cycling workout followed by a 15-minute myofascial release using full foam rollers.


This class combines the cardio of power cycle with the strength of barre. Feel your heart rate climb with 20 minutes of spin, followed by controlled movement to build core and low body strength.




Join us for this high-energy, cardio workout that combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums.



Join us for a nonstop core conditioning class with exercises targeted to strengthen and tone your abs, glutes, hips, and legs.

Outdoor Aerial Yoga


Fly through the air with ease in this total-body workout experience. Using aerial silks as props to intensify traditional fitness exercises, discover how play can double as an opportunity to develop greater strength and stamina. This is an outdoor class experience; please wear closed-toed shoes for the journey to the silks. $


Classic barre class elements combine with the water's resistance to create a powerful and fun class designed to carve out muscles while increasing mobility in an easy-on-the-joints workout for everyone. your heart rate will accelerate, but the pool will keep you cool. Swimwear required.


A powerful and fun class designed to burn calories and build muscles. Great for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and flexibility.

Cardio Drum and Sculpt

This companion class to our guest favorite cardio drumming is the perfect blend of heart pounding rhythmic cardio blended with defining strength moves for a total body challenge set to an upbeat playlist. 45 MIN

Outdoor Fitness Fusion

The beauty of the Texas Hill Country is the backdrop for this outdoor fitness class suitable for all levels of fitness. This total body workout blends cardio and strength drills to awaken your inner athlete. 45 MIN

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Strength and Mobility

Unlock your bodies potential in this unique fusion class that utilizes mobility work to increase range-of-motion and joint stabilization. The bodyweight exercises are designed to strengthen and tone leaving no muscle untouched this class is all about bringing your body into balance making sure you can squat deeper, push harder, and jump higher in class and in life. 45 MIN


Happy Hips

Using self-myofascia release techniques, along with hip joint opening exercises and a series of yoga-based hip stretches, you can improve your flexibility and mobility and walk away with happy hips.



Country Line Dancing

Dance to the tunes of Austin with our Texas line dancing class, choreographed with easily learned steps that you perform in unison, as a group arranged in lines for some simple fun!

Outdoor Aerial Fitness

Fly through the air with the greatest of ease as you enjoy this total body workout experience. Using the aerial silks as props to intensify traditional fitness exercises you will discover how play can be disguised as an opportunity to develop greater strength and stamina. This class is for all levels of fitness our expert coaches will tailor the workout with options for all. This class is an outdoor fitness experience. Closed toed shoes required. 90 MIN | $100



Start your day with a head-to-toe stretch class designed to prepare you for a full day of Miraval activities.

Group of women enjoy fitness class at Miraval Austin Resort.


Body & Barre

A fitness class that combines ballet barre, resistance training with bands, balls, and a cardio component.

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Abs & Glutes

Join us for a nonstop, core conditioning class with exercises targeted to strengthen and tone your abs, glutes, hips, and legs.

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Similar to the format of our highly popular Happy Hips class, this class will increase the mobility and stability of the entire shoulder girdle, utilizing both a foam roller and green stretch out strap.

stacked foam rollers


Roll with it

Using a full foam roller, learn how you can give yourself a deep-tissue massage and improve your flexibility.

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Samba Dancing

Samba, in Portuguese, means "in the foot." Enjoy dancing the samba solo, with a partner, or in a group. This unique dance class focuses on basic foot work, samba patterns, arm gestures, musicality, and movement. No experience is required. Come barefoot or in sneakers and wear comfortable clothing.


Stretch & Relax

Unwind during this 45-minute head-to-toe stretch series where we hold stretches longer and focus on breath.

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Release and Recover

Wrist, Fingers, Ankles, and Toes! This Myofacial Release class focuses on all of the small things that make a big difference to your overall health and wellness. The use of props will help facilitate self-massage, stretching, and strengthening within the hands and feet.

feet shot of two women with work out bands


Bosu Balance Challenge

A challenge from your head to your feet. This low impact strength class is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart rate up. The stability challenge created by the bosu ball is designed to strengthen the ankles, legs, hips, and abs. This class is for all fitness levels and will leave no muscle untouched. 45 MIN

woman doing a plank on a yoga mat


PIlates Fusion

Strengthen your core, sculpt your muscles, stretch yourself, and have fun in this class that combines Pilates with other body-enhancing techniques.