Wellness Counseling

Wellbeing is an indication of the state of your whole being. Our experts guide you to create your own lasting blend of balance -- emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

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Life is a series of changes and transitions. Any time we experience change, we also experience loss. Some of those losses are relatively easy to move through, while others shake our foundation and disrupt our comfort zones. Join one of our wellness counselors to renew your view of loss, change, and transition and learn how to support yourself to thrive during tough times. 45 MIN

The Beauty of Imperfection

This workshop is inspired by the traditional Japanese art form of Kintsugi, meaning to join with gold. Participants will reassemble the shattered pieces of broken pottery and highlight the places of repair with richly colored gold lacquer. The process of repairing a vessel examines our relationship with fracture and imperfections, both real and symbolic, with compassionate reflection and a renewed perspective on what it means to be whole. Instead of disguising, discarding, o replacing the cracks in art or life, we can render the traces of imperfection with beauty and strength. 75 MIN | $95



When life feels out of balance, we need to look at how we make daily choices and set priorities. This presentation offers a unique glimpse of what balance can look and feel like as we deal with our daily demands and definitions of family or work life, personal values, and self-care. Lori Mulady Burdick corrects misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about what balance is and offers achievable and practical ways to create a life in balance. 45 MIN



The Labyrinth is a metaphor for our sacred journey inward, a voyage to the Divine within each one of us. Join Lori Mulady Burdick to learn the three stages of awareness that unfold as you walk this sacred path. 45 MIN


Stress Solutions

Learn tools and tips to help manage common stressors that arise in your daily life. This lecture helps you recognize how stress affects your mind, body, and spirit and offers effective methods for managing that stress. 45 MIN

three stones stacked in a hand

New Habits for a New You

Habits can potentially lead us to health and harmony or keep us trapped in unconscious patterns. Everyone can boost their resilience and mental wellness with better practices. Through discussion, guided meditation, and intuition, this workshop identifies unhelpful habits and steers you toward healthy behaviors that align with your vision for renewal. 75 MIN | $75

Pillars of Peace

Reclaim your natural state of peace and discover ways to work with stress, reactivity, and mental agitation. Bring new awareness into your life, engage in self-inquiry, and learn practical methods to create and sustain a sense of peace. 75 MIN | $75




Despite the benefit, our digital lives have become increasingly challenging to manage. David Preslar presents an evocative look at how we can make mindful choices about when and how we use our devices. Learn concrete steps you can take to shift your relationship with the digital world from one that diminishes your life experience to one that supports your productivity and elevates your awareness, health, and happiness. 45 MIN


This workshop is for anyone who wishes to expand and elevate their parenting skills and encourage their children to become confident, self-sufficient adults. Join certified parent-coach David Preslar in this warm community of parents and caregivers. Learn new ways to balance love and direction, manage power struggles, model and teach self-control, cooperate effectively with a co-parent, or find support as a solo parent. Guide your children to make conscious, age-appropriate, and independent choices and discover how you can create genuine moments of connection together through positivity and presence. 45 MIN | $75


Finding Your Inner Calm

Learn how it feels to be centered and calm, no matter what challenges you. Discover how tranquility can serve as a foundation for finding wise solutions to problems. Practice techniques for responding mindfully instead of reacting impulsively to any situation. 45 MIN

Boundary Setting for Success

Living a life in balance can sometimes mean learning to say no. Defining your boundaries and learning to respect others’ boundaries can be difficult. Join a Miraval Austin specialist for a deep dive into healthy limit-setting. This experience offers tools for balancing your relationship with yourself and others. 75 MIN | $75

Walking For Transformation

Our Sophia Labyrinth’s pathways welcome you into the kinesthetic practice of walking meditation. Experience how to quiet the mind and breath by setting an intention and then allowing your body to set the pace of your movement along Sophia’s walkways. Practice walking meditation on Sophia’s path to hold space for the Sacred Feminine energy of compassion, empathy, and intuition, while placing one foot in front of the other for integration, clarity, and direction. $