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Wellness Counseling

Wellbeing is an indication of the state of your whole being. Our experts guide you to create your own lasting blend of balance -- emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

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Participate in guided practices that help you understand and experience the spiritual body and the elements of nature. Get to know how chakras affect your physical, mental, and karmic wellbeing. 90 MIN|$55

The Joy of Food

Enjoy dinner from the Hilltop Crossings Kitchen and consciously celebrate all the stages of a meal (setting the table, pausing for gratitude, eating mindfully) with a guided dinner conversation. Learn how you can bring mindfulness and joy to dining. Bring this process home with you by using your post-meal reflection to create a personal “meal mantra”. 2 HRS|$55

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The Zen of Enough

Trade clutter for order and free your time and space for what is most important to you. Learn the value of simplicity in this workshop. Discover ways to let go of things that no longer serve you and to feel gratitude for all that surrounds you and sustains you. 60 MIN|$55

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Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

Explore tools for self-reflection with a guided meditation and an introduction to journaling practices. Use these techniques to balance heart energy and delve deeper into your own personal mindset. Learn to integrate these practices in your daily life. 90 MIN|$55

Finding Your Inner Calm

Learn how it feels to be centered and calm, no matter what challenges you. Wise solutions emerge from this foundation of tranquility. Practice techniques for responding mindfully instead of reacting impulsively to any situation