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Discover your soul's journey and learn how to integrate this new wisdom into your life.

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The Ancient Greeks recognized planets as wandering heavenly bodies. In this weekly lecture we explore where the planets are currently traveling in the sky and what this means for your world. Gain perspective and helpful information on how best to use the planetary energies to create more flow and elevate your wellbeing. Learn how to co-create with the planets and navigate your life during changing times. View the currently visible planets in the night sky, as well as the Moon, in the night sky. Weather permitting



At times, anyone can feel stuck in their lives. In those moments, even the idea of moving can be difficult. This workshop explores the way you move and how it can inform your engagement with yourself and the world around you. Through guided movements and discussion, Laurel Crawford can help you observe your personal movement patterns, attune to where you might get stuck in your body, and expand your range of motion and expression for positive change. Break through barriers and open yourself to using new ways to move, respond, and connect. 75 MIN|$75



Receive a personalized copy of your Natal Astrology Chart and discover how Venus, Mars, and the moon affect your emotions and interactions with others. Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes associated with Mars and Venus appear in ourselves as well as in our relationships and creative expressions. Connect with and balance these aspects to improve your understanding of masculine and feminine influences and how celestial bodies can impact our human connections. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 75 MIN|$125


Healing Splendor of Sound

In this session, Kim Humphrey will lead you on a journey to connect with your highest self, through guided meditation, healing vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls, the gong, and etheric vocals. Release stress and restore a healthy energy flow with this unique sound healing experience. 75 MIN| $95



This workshop offers a ceremony for energic cleansing. Courtney Parnell leads the group with an invocation as she shares the purifying properties of ancient plants such as sage and palo santo by burning them to create a safe and sacred space of protection and clarity. Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to let go of energy that no longer serves you and to make a conscious choice to move forward. A take-home notecard is provided for you to write to your future self as a token and talisman of your experience. 75 MIN | $65

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CHAKRAS: Keys to Personal Growth

Participate in guided practices that help you understand and experience the spiritual body and the elements of nature. Get to know how chakras affect your physical, mental, and karmic wellbeing. 75 MIN | $75


Use your own body as a resource for bringing life into balance. Through dance, movement, and breathwork, Laurel Crawford teaches you how you can regulate your own nervous system. Learn to listen to the messages your body sends and how to read and respond to them with guided activities and group discussions. Gain useful tools for modulating your body and calming your mind in situations that might otherwise make you feel overwhelmed. Discover a sequence of movements that you can take home and apply to your daily life. 75 MIN | $75


Discover the interconnected nature of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the dynamic relationship they have to each other with a Miraval Astrologer. Gain deeper wisdom and insight into the relationships that you attract (and the ones that you repel) and understand how you can predict long-term and short-term compatibilities and kinship with others. Leave this workshop with a powerful connection to your Self and the dominant soul lesson you have come here to learn. This is a sister class to WINE AND YOUR SIGN. Concepts from each build upon the other. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 100 MIN | $125

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Examine what the lunar influences are at this moment in time that affect your unconscious mind and your emotional energy. A Miraval Astrologer offers a great tool for understanding the forces that guide us and drive us to make decisions in a way that we do not consciously recognize. Leave the workshop with a firm awareness of how to consciously align your intentions and act harmoniously with the moon’s cycles.

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Trade clutter for order and free your time and space for what is most important to you. Learn the value of simplicity in this workshop. Discover ways to let go of things that no longer serve you and to feel gratitude for all that surrounds you and sustains you. 75 MIN|$75

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Through a series of intuitive journeys, you can cut through daily demands and stressors, find a peaceful space within, and gain a calm clarity of purpose. Feel tension fall away as you discover the joy at your spiritual core. 75 MIN | $75

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Join Miraval Astrologer Emily Klintworth to discuss the importance of planetary alignments and explore ideas about reincarnation and karma. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking.

ASTRO ART: Create Your Own Astrological Birth Chart

Creating art is a relaxing and enjoyable process. Add that to astrology and explore life through a new lens. Co-create your own vintage-inspired astrological birth chart with Miraval Astrologer Emily Klintworth. This is an easy hands-on experience, using stamps and a pre-made template to support you in the creation process. All supplies will be provided. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 100 MIN | $125



Explore the centuries-old practice of reading and interpreting tarot cards. Learn how choosing and interpreting tarot cards can serve as a tool to help explore the meaning of events or crossroads you may be encountering in your life. Come with questions that could be answered with deeper insight.

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Fire & Folklore

Enjoy an hour of acoustic guitar and entertaining storytelling around the warm flames of our outdoor fireplaces under the stars.

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Wine & Your Sign

Learn about astrology and sample fine wines as you explore the elements of the zodiac. Co-create your astrological chart with Miraval Astrologer Emily Klintworth and discover more about yourself and others. Take a journey from the fiery boldness of Syrah to the ethereal and airy Sancerre. See and taste how stars can steer us to discover spirits and fuel the soul. This is a sister class to ASTROLOGY OF LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, AND THE SELF. Concepts from each build upon the other. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 100 MIN | $145

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

Some people believe that our spirit guides are ancestral souls, or guardians. Take a journey to meet a spirit guide who can help with a specific problem or issue. Learn how to recognize the messages, gifts, and guidance that your spirit seeks. 75 MIN | $75

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This introductory lecture will discuss the various meanings of spirituality and the different ways you can develop your personal spiritual connection.



Learn how you can further your spiritual development by using Tarot or Oracle cards. Understand the difference between the two decks and how you can use them to develop your intuition. Delve into the history, development, care, and energetic maintenance of the decks and learn how to read the cards and interpret the stories they tell for yourself or for friends. Each participant will leave with their own deck to take home and explore. 75 MIN | $125