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Spirit & Soul

Discover your soul's journey and learn how to integrate this new wisdom into your life.

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Interpreting Your Dreams

Most of us experience dream while we sleep. When we wake, we can sometimes question the significance of our dreams. Are dreams prophetic? Do they serve as reflection for certain people or events in our lives? Join this unique workshop to learn tips for interpreting your dreams and understanding the meaning behind them. 90 min | $55


The Joy of Food

In this workshop participants would be invited to consciously celebrate all the stages of a meal; gathering materials, preparation, setting the table, eating, and collaborating in cleaning up. The goal of this experience is in bringing mindfulness and joy to the eating process. Participants are encouraged through reflection175 afterward and the creation of a personal “meal mantra” to bring this mindfulness home with them and into their daily lives. 90 min | $55


The Power of Intuition

Learn about your intuition and how it can bring confirmation, empowerment, and clarity to your everyday life. Explore the innate power of the connection between your soul, body, and mind. Learn how to harness and interpret the power of intuition and receive guidance and direction from your authentic, intuitive self. 90 min | $55


Astrology Basics: Unlock Your Cosmic Code

Learn the basics of astrology and discover the power of connecting with your chart and the keys to unlock your cosmic code or destiny! 90 min | $55

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New Moon - Full Moon

The moon’s cycle is a powerful, natural force that can be a portal to elevating your consciousness. Learn about lunar cycles and the importance of the New and Full Moon. Leave the workshop with a firm awareness of how to align and act harmoniously with the moon’s cycles and to consciously guide your intentions. 90 min | $55

Crafting a Peace Passage

Discover the essence and energetic clearing power of Smudging, an ancient Native American practice. This cleansing ritual, applies smoke from a burning bundle of herbs to purify your mind, aura, and physical space. Create and thrive in a sacred space that brings you joy, peace and prosperity. 90 min | $55

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Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

In this group workshop, explore tools for self-reflection and gain the healing perspectives of inquiry and intuition.  Begin by exploring a guided introspection and journaling practices that will balance heart energy and engage you in new ways to live with deeper purpose.  Facilitated discussion will allow you to integrate these practices and bring their lessons back into daily life.  90 min | $55

Chakras and the Elements

Participate in guided practices that enable you to understand and experience the spiritual body and its relationship to the elements of nature. Get to know the chakras, their importance and function in your physical, mental, and karmic wellbeing. Each guest will go home with a better understanding of their chakras and a way to connect with nature that serves their spiritual body. 90 min | $55

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A movement practice for Women only combining yoga, breathwork, intention setting, meditation, and community to celebrate women as wise, wild, and free.

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The Making of Malas

Discover the history and parts of a mala, a meditation tool rooted in Buddhist and Hindu tradition. Each Mala consists of a guru bead, a tassel, and a strand of 108 beads, used to track the counting of mantras, prayers, or affirmations during meditation. In this hands-on workshop, you will craft your own mala by selecting gemstones that match your intentions. While you string together wooden beads and gemstones to create your unique mala, you will learn how to incorporate your new work of art into a meditative and grounding ritual at home. 90 min | $75

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Vision Boards: Manifesting Your Intentions

Combine intention and visualization in this workshop that is a wonderful tool for creating clarity, inspiration, and insight for living your life. The use of visuals helps identify your desires and keep you moving in the direction of your dreams. 90 min | $65

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Tarot Readings

Intuitive consultations offer a powerful way to receive spiritual guidance by using tarot cards as a visual tool to gain clarity and confidence. Choose from the Astrological Spread or The Year Ahead: looks into what you might expect and can accomplish in the upcoming year. 90 min | $55

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Tai Chi

Achieve a calmer, relaxed state with Tai Chi, a meditation for the body to move slowly, gently and with awareness while breathing deeply.


Rising Sign

This workshop is a playful exploration of the impact of your Rising Sign in your astrological chart. Learn how to embody the energy of that sign and embrace its authenticity. 90 min | $55

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Astrology Workshop

A brief introduction to how astrology works and the nature of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Walk through the broad concepts that allow you to gain an understanding of the principles of astrology. Attendees receive a copy of their astrological chart and learn how to interpret it.

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What Your Sign Says About You

A fun way to discover how your sign influences who you are and impacts how you interact with the other signs. Using an innovative and unique technique, you will tap into this ancient wisdom by referencing a variety of cultural icons. 90 min | $55

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Wine & Your Sign

Meet with our Sommelier and Astrologist team to unlock the link between wine and your zodiac sign. Just as your horoscope says a lot about you so does your favorite fermented grape. Discover wines you will love based on your star sign! 90 min | $100

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides, some believe them to be ancestral spirits or guardians. In this lunchtime education session, we’ll take a journey to meet a spirit guide who can help with a specific problem or issue you may have. Learn how to recognize the messages, gifts and guidance, that your spirit seeks. 90 min

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Guided Visualizations

Learn what to look for, what to be mindful of, and what to let go of. Trust your own process and believe in its power. Enter a space of calm, acceptance, and well-being. And there’s always time for sharing and questions afterwards. Following the narrative of the specialist will allow you to discover emotional places and allows a feeling a letting go. 90 min | $55

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Finding Inner Calm

In this presentation you will learn how it feels to be centered and how to recreate that feeling of inner calm, no matter what challenges you. A foundation for wise solutions rises from this place of tranquility; you can learn techniques to avoid being reactive, and instead harness your inner wisdom to respond mindfully to any situation. 90 min | $55

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Fire & Folklore

Enjoy an hour of acoustic guitar and entertaining storytelling, around the warm flames of our outdoor fireplaces under the stars. 1 hr