hands covered in paint

Creative Expression

Enjoy a variety of experiential art offerings that bring mindfulness and presence to your creations.

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Join Youhjung’s workshop to gain a better understanding of the roles your right and left brain play in your thought and creative processes and try out a technique that taps into the right brain, subconscious, and intuitive expression. When you engage in activities that are not tethered to logic or reason, you can access a depth of creativity and manifestation that is often obscured by thought. Draw with your non-dominant hand and shape clay with your eyes closed. Marvel at what you can create when you don’t over-think it. No art skills or experience necessary. All levels are welcome to this non-judgmental space of free expression. 75 MIN|$75



Participate in a guided visual meditation that can help you detach from the stress of daily life. Youhjung’s lecture also gives you a chance to make a piece of art with watercolor painting and drawing. Take your creation home with you as a reminder of the power of art to impact your life, deflect anxiety, and improve your outlook.

tan horse being painted with purple and blue

An Unforgettable Canvas

Tap into your creative spirit by using the side of a horse (that’s right, a horse!) as your canvas. We use a living canvas to remind us to stay present and grounded in our storytelling. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle. Note that this can be a messy experience. 2 HRS|$75 Seasonally offered April through September.


Mandalas can offer a greater understanding and integration of conscious and subconscious thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Discover a new way to find meaning and perspective in the present moment and throughout your life. Create your own mandala and bring its grounding and centering energy home with you. 2 HRS|$95