bee keeper pulling out tray of honey

Miraval Bees

Join our beekeepers at The Cypress Creek Farm for a first-hand journey into the magic of Miraval’s marvelous bees with honey tastings, workshops, and more.


Hive Mind

Welcome to the delightful and complex world of honeybees in our introductory beekeeping workshop. Suit up to safely experience our on-site apiary and explore the wonders of a working hive. Learn about the intricate and dynamic system of how bees communicate and work together to survive, thrive, and pollinate the plants essential to our survival, while producing the honey that sweetens our lives. 2 hours | $100

beekeepers walking at miraval austin resort


Beekeeper for a Day

This experience gives you an inside look at the management and care of our onsite apiary. Participate in the seasonal care of our bees, including harvesting honey, observing the hive, and how it adapts to changes in the climate. Take a walk in the shoes of a beekeeper and feel the passion they bring to work each day to care for these complex beings that sustain our senses and nourish our health. 90 MIN|$200