Cypress Creek Farm

Our Cypress Creek Farm rises out of an ecosystem that is as environmentally "weird" as Austin's unique cultural vibe. Ecosystems collide and provide a diversity of plants and produce that are beyond organic, connecting you to the unusual terrain and soul of the soil they sprout from.

torso shot of women holding two chickens

Be a Chicken Keeper

This fun and hands-on class will teach you all about raising, handling and caring for chickens and offer an opportunity for you to collect eggs in the coop and hold a hen, too! 50 Min | $50  

early morning sunrise in austin texas

The Breath of Biodynamics

Evening Ceremony By the Moon

Celebrate the full and new moon cycles with an evening ceremony under the stars at the Cypress Creek Farm grove as we prepare soil fertility blends with music and fire. 90 Min | $75

freshly picked turnips


Ask the Farmer - Cypress Creek Farm Tour

Visit our working farm and learn about the principles of permaculture, biodynamics, sustainability and regenerative agriculture. Wander the farm and taste food fresh from the field.

rows of crops in front of the setting sun

The Breath of Biodynamics

Morning Ceremony By the Sun

Connect with your own breath in the sacred space of the Cypress Creek Farm grove as we explore the energetics of sunrise with music, fire, and a celebration of soil. 90 Min | $75

prepared caprese salad

Farm Fresh Breakfast

Prepare a thoughtful breakfast together with only on-site ingredients and enjoy watching life in the valley unfold as you dine in the field. 90 Min | $75

woman picking vegetables in austin texas

Miraval Austin Exclusive

Find Dining

Get your hands dirty gathering ingredients for your group’s next meal! Begin with a tour of the farm, then harvest vegetables and herbs for your dining delight. 50 Min | $150

hands holding bowl of incense

Seasonal offering

Hill Country Herbal Tonics

Meet our herbalist for an interactive introduction to the benefits of herbs. Start with a serving of medicinal tea as well as an introduction to Central Texas herbs and their medicinal properties. This class features a variety of herbs to match the season. Engage with formulas crafted from our apothecary, assemble a tincture together, and select a special mix to take home. 90 Min | $125

natural plants and herbs in austin texas


Nature's Herbal Gifts

Meet with Miraval’s herbalist to participate in this introductory class and craft a group tincture, featuring seasonal Central Texas herbs.

woman smelling fresh clay tea pot

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Sit and sip in a sacred circle as we honor the cacao spirit and the Aztec and Mayan cultures that revered it. Cacao is considered a heart opener and helps create feelings of wellbeing. 90 Min | $75

liquid being mixed with mint in a jar

Pickles and Preserves

Join our farmers for a true Texas “putting up” of our seasonal specialties. Learn the art and science of pickling to enjoy the peak nutritional qualities of seasonal foods all year long. 90 Min | $75

small white flower in the morning sun

Planting By the Stars

Learn the role the planets, stars, and moon play in the rhythms of all of our lives. We work our soil and plant around the same life cycles that influence humans. 90 Min | $75

multiple different incense in metal dishes

Spa Fresh Medicinal Meditation

Select and harvest fresh medicinal herbs for your own freshly steeped infusion and personalized treatment in Miraval’s Life in Balance Spa. 50 Min | $50

red lady bug on green plant leaf

Seasonal Offering


Forage with our herbalist for edible and medicinal plants through Hill Country in a sensory walk through Cypress Creek hillside and learn about the wild plants of the region. 90 Min | $75

hand picking flowers

Wild Ferments

In this interactive class, learn about simple fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. Make a group ferment and sample our own organic creations. 90 Min | $75