women picking fresh vegetables in early morning

Cypress Creek Farm

Our Cypress Creek Farm rises out of an ecosystem that is as environmentally "weird" as Austin's unique cultural vibe. Ecosystems collide and provide a diversity of plants and produce that are beyond organic, connecting you to the unusual terrain and soul of the soil they sprout from.

freshly picked turnips


Cypress Creek Farm Visit

Meet our farmers to explore our on-site farm that provides produce and eggs for your daily meals at Miraval. This class covers sustainable farming practices, biodynamic farming principles, and a vision for responsible agriculture. Meet the hens that provide our farm-to-table restaurant with fresh eggs and wander the farm, tasting fresh crops straight from the field. Ask questions about your own growing endeavors and learn how to integrate mindful farming methods into your own practice.

torso shot of women holding two chickens

Chicken Keeping

This class covers the life cycle and needs of a chicken. Learn how to raise, handle, and care for a backyard flock, and how to set up a small coop to give hens safe access to a pasture. This fun and hands-on class will offer an opportunity for you to collect eggs in the coop and bond with a hen. 60 MIN|$45


Minding Mushrooms

Join our Cypress Creek farmers in an immersive workshop on the foundations of mushroom cultivation. Learn about the intricate connectivity of the fungal ecology to surrounding organisms, the prolific fungal life cycle, and the medicinal benefits offered by the fungal kingdom. Develop basic mushroom-foraging safety skills, home cultivation techniques, and learn how medicinal species can enhance your health. Take home a mushroom log or bag-style kit to grow your own edible mushrooms. 60 MIN|$45


This private experience reaches deeper into the aspects of integrating mushrooms into your practice of wellbeing. Expanding on the foundational ideas established in Minding Mushrooms, you will get to choose a topic of interest to explore in more depth, from medicinal mushrooms to safe foraging to a deeper look at cultivation strategies, and will leave with the readiness to grow your relationship with mycology in your own life. 60 MIN|$115