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Let our experts pair you with the style of yoga that is right for stretching your body and mind. Start at the beginning or rise to a new level to expand your existing practice.


Private Sessions

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Push the boundaries of yoga in a new method to decompress tight joints, stretch with less strain while increasing overall agility.

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Yoga tailored to meet your needs of the moment and to develop a mindful routine.

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Yoga & Reiki

Reiki Yoga is the uion of two ancient traditions to offer physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. It is a soothing practice that combines carefully selected gentle Yin yoga postures held for 3 to 5 minutes, with a Reiki treatment offered by a master using the impositions of the hands to support and boost the natural healing and cleansing processes in the body. 50 min | $115

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A practice specific to women, Qoya is a movement practice that helps us tune into our innate wisdom through body awareness. In this unique one on one session we will create a movement ritual with music around a personal intention to help you manifest the desires for your life. 50 min | $115

Deepening into Yoga

Take an opportunity to meet with one of our experts to help shift and upgrade your practice to the next level. We will combine a deepening into yoga philosophy and meditation, with physical yoga asana specifics. 50 min | $115

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Yoga Basics

Learn the essential yoga postures that may be experienced in any common, all level yoga class. We will focus on techniques that will give you confidence and a good base of knowledge to continue to excel on your yoga journey. 50 min | $115

Yoga Home Ritual

Work with one of our instructors to form a specialized yoga sequence to practice at home that suites your individual needs. We will approach and discuss any obstacles, and add feel-good, mini rituals that keep us craving and committed to our practice. 50 min | $115