Private sessions in Ayurveda, Native American rituals, spiritual practices, and more take healing to a new level, invite balance, and inspire the soul.


Private Sessions

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Gain perspective on your life's challenges as Steven Ross shares his gift as an intuitive medium. Through his spiritual awareness and compassionate guidance, he channels your soul's wisdom. This session will allow you to release past blockages and find clarity in navigating the road ahead. Discover deeper meaning to your situation and its spiritual purpose. $


Using the date, time, and place of your birth, a Miraval Astrologer creates a profile that targets your specific talents and skills, plus future possibilities. Receive a recording of your session and printout of your star chart. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 50 MIN | $200


Core Transformation is a therapy that acknowledges and invokes the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. It is known as one of the deepest and most rapid means of bringing about healing from any number of mental, emotional, and even physical issues. Address emotional and behavioral issues that may be preventing you from living your best life. 50 MIN|$200 • 80 MIN|$250

tibetan bowls used in pravasana sound therapy

Harmonic Embrace

This individualized, one-on-one session uses the powerful combination of hands-on energy healing and sound vibration to enhance and harmonize a deeper connection with self and spirit. Relinquish stress, recalibrate, and restore a healthy mind-body balance. 50 MIN|$225


A consultation that uses Tarot or Oracle cards is a great way to connect with your intuition for personal guidance. Lynn Carroll-Rivera’s readings are designed to access your inner wisdom through the use of ancient, mystical imagery in order to gain direction and clarity. Choose from a comprehensive yearly reading, an inner reflection reading connected to your powerful Chakra points, or an answer to your unique life questions. 50 MIN|$200


Use your own body as a resource for bringing life into balance. Through dance, movement, and breathwork, Laurel Crawford teaches you how you can regulate your own nervous system. Learn to listen to the messages your body sends and how to read and respond to them with guided activities and group discussions. Gain useful tools for modulating your body and calming your mind in situations that might otherwise make you feel overwhelmed. Discover a sequence of movements that you can take home and apply to your daily life. 50 MIN|$200

women doing yoga in dojo with doors open

BREAKING THROUGH: Movement to Enact Change

At times, anyone can feel stuck in their lives. In those moments, even the idea of moving can be difficult. This workshop explores the way you move and how it can inform your engagement with yourself and the world around you. Through guided movements and discussion, Laurel Crawford can help you observe your personal movement patterns, attune to where you might get stuck in your body, and expand your range of motion and expression for positive change. Break through barriers and open yourself to using new ways to move, respond, and connect. 50 MIN|$200


Receive a unique clairvoyant reading and gain insight into decisions and changes you wish to make. This aura reading is an illuminating way to discover more about yourself, what may be limiting you, and how to move forward with greater selfknowledge, validation, and enthusiasm. 50 MIN|$200 • DUET|$165


A ceremony for energic cleansing. Courtney Parnell leads the group with an invocation as she shares the purifying properties of ancient plants such as sage and palo santo by burning them to create a safe and sacred space of protection and clarity. Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to let go of energy that no longer serves you and to make a conscious choice to move forward. A take-home notecard is provided for you to write to your future self as a token and talisman of your experience. 50 MIN | $200