Private clairvoyant, astrology, and tarot readings to inspire the soul.


Private Sessions



Holding your reflection is just one dimension of a mirror and all it represents. Whether you avoid or embrace the mirror, you can recognize its significance as a window into your relationship with yourself. We often focus on our partners, siblings, or friends, yet we devote little energy or effort to exploring how we relate to ourselves. Work one-on-one with Courtney Parnell to renew how you view your image and cultivate a healthy connection with yourself by engaging the power of the mirror. For further insights on this offering, sign up for Courtney’s complimentary class: Ring of Light. $



For centuries, our planet’s male and female energies have been out of balance. With the rise of the divine feminine, comes a responsibility of every individual to embrace not only healing but innate power from within. This class is a beginner’s guide for accessing and harnessing that power by investigating our relationship to the divine feminine and identifying where we have gotten out of balance with it. In this way, we can fully cultivate unification in ourselves and society. Practice meditation and journaling skills to recognize and remove emotional patterns and bocks that foster imbalance or a separation from wholeness. $



In this session, Alice taps into the quantum field that unifies all things. This field is a dimension of pure love, unity, and manifestation. She channels this flow and brings it into your energy field. Learn how to visualize and manifest your desires by using your heart and mind to call in experiences instead of seeking them externally. This process can keep the body’s systems in sync, restore balance, and offer clarity. It can transport you out of a place of imbalance and confusion into a higher state of coherence. $



We often use the word “alchemic” to describe a seemingly magical process of transformation or unification. Join Alice in this spiritual practice that assimilates the soul, as she intuitively catalogs your energetic systems, ranging from the structures that govern our thoughts to those that oversee our organs. She releases foreign or restrictive energy and brings your functional systems closer to your essence. She will lead you into a balanced state using craniosacral and Reiki techniques to create space for integration. Alice helps you shift the forms of energy you attract unconsciously to those you invite as companions to your consciousness through dialogue and discovery. $

tibetan bowls used in pravasana sound therapy


Strengthen and support a harmonious connection in this special duet Sound Healing ceremony. Honor and strengthen bonds of love and friendship as two sets of seven Himalayan singing bowls are played around your bodies and on your hearts. The vibrations and ceremony of this session support the harmonious balance of the five elements in each individual and in relationship to each other. $225 | 50 MIN



A resonant cocoon of vibration surrounds you with seven Himalayan singing bowls and warm-water bowls that are played in traditional sequences around and on your body. Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) and sung prayers of healing take you into a deep internal world of rest and ease. This full-body vibrational treatment will relax you to the core of your body, mind, and soul. This session can be modified for pregnancy. $



Discover the ancient healing practices and tools of Himalayan singing bowls, as a set of seven bowls are played around your body and others containing warm water are played up and down your energy centers. At times in this session, two bowls are played simultaneously on your body, creating a mesmerizing, deeply relaxing experience. $



In this session, seven Himalayan singing bowls holding warm water are played in traditional sequences next to and on your body’s energy centers to open, clear, energize, and balance your vital life-force energy at every level. Tingshas, ethereal vocals, and traditional instruments are incorporated for a deeply revitalizing experience. $


Core Transformation is a therapy that acknowledges and invokes the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. It is known as one of the deepest and most rapid means of supporting healing from mental, emotional, and physical issues. Address emotional and behavioral issues that may be preventing you from living your best life. You can expect a gentle, respectful, and—most often— profoundly moving experience. Guests describe it as a feeling of cleansing, a great weight being lifted, a breakthrough, or a new lease on life. $200 | 50 MIN; $250 | 80 MIN



Gain perspective on your life's challenges as Steven Ross shares his gift as an intuitive medium. Through his spiritual awareness and compassionate guidance, he channels your soul's wisdom. This session will allow you to release past blockages and find clarity in navigating the road ahead. Discover deeper meaning to your situation and its spiritual purpose. $235 | 50 MIN; $275 | 80 MIN


Using the date, time, and place of your birth, a Miraval Astrologer creates a profile that targets your specific talents and skills, plus future possibilities. Receive a recording of your session and a printout of your star chart. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at the time of booking. $235 | 50 MIN

Lynn Carroll Rivera 3


A consultation that uses Tarot or Oracle cards is a great way to connect with your intuition for personal guidance. Lynn Carroll-Rivera’s readings are designed to access your inner wisdom through the use of ancient, mystical imagery in order to gain direction and clarity. Choose from a comprehensive yearly reading, an inner reflection reading connected to your powerful Chakra points, or an answer to your unique life questions. $235 | 50 MIN


Your unconscious mind is constantly taking snapshots of your experiences and stacking them in your aura or energetic field. A clairvoyant can read these images as nested messages you hold within. With a clairvoyant's aid, we can peer through the stowed layers of the soul to achieve spiritual clarity. This unique aura reading is an illuminating way to discover more about yourself, what may limit you, and how to move forward with greater self-knowledge, validation, and enthusiasm. $235 | 50 MIN


This workshop offers a ceremony for energetic cleansing. Courtney Parnell leads the group with an invocation as she shares the purifying properties of ancient plants like sage and palo santo. these herbs, when burned, create a safe and sacred space of spiritual protection and clarity. Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to release energy that no longer serves you and make a conscious choice. $200 | 50 MIN


Learn more about yourself, what may be limiting you, and how to move forward with more trust, ease, and empowerment in this private session. Alyson Simms uses her healing abilities, intuitive skills, and grounded wisdom to help you make shifts through challenging times. This type of session is suitable for anyone looking for ways to face pain, grief, or stress and live life at its fullest potential with a renewed sense of self and purpose. $