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Private sessions in Ayurveda, Native American rituals, spiritual practices, and more take healing to a new level, invite balance, and inspire the soul.


Private Sessions

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Splendor of Sound

This one-on-one session is tailored to your individual needs. Hands-on energy healing combines with sound vibration to enhance and harmonize the energy that surrounds us and flows through and around our bodies. This powerful convergence raises energetic frequencies that facilitate the deepest states of relaxation, and establish a rich connection with self and spirit. Relinquish stress, recalibrate and a restore a healthy balance to your body and mind. 90 min | $55

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Using the date, time, and place of your birth, a Miraval Astrologer creates a profile that targets your specific talents and skills, plus future possibilities. Receive a recording of your session and printout of your star chart. Please supply the time, date, and place of your birth at time of booking. 50 MIN|$200


Core Transformation work is a therapy that acknowledges and invokes the wisdom of Divine Intelligence. It is known as one of the deepest and most rapid means of bringing about healing from any number of mental, emotional, and even physical issues. Address emotional and behavioral problems, including post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, depression, grief, relationship issues, weight management, addiction, chronic pain, creativity blocks, stage fright, and more. 50 MIN|$200

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Harmonic Embrace

This individualized, one-onone session uses the powerful combination of hands-on energy healing and sound vibration to enhance and harmonize a deeper connection with self and spirit. Relinquish stress, re-calibrate, and restore a healthy mind-body balance. 50 MIN|$225


Develop your intuitive skills with the guidance of the ancient system of Tarot Cards or the modern system of Oracle Cards. Learn how to create sacred space for consulting the cards, how to select the right questions, and what the guidelines, methods, and layouts are for interpretation. Continue this mystical journey at home when you read cards for yourself, family, and friends. 50 MIN|$200