Challenge Course

Climb up our Hill Country Challenge Course, breakthrough emotional barriers, and feel invigorated as you reach new heights. We incorporate vertical climbing elements for a wide range of physical abilities.

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Quantum Leap™

Expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and relearn trust with a leap from a 25-foot pole. 120 MIN.


Climbing Wall

A beginning climbing class that integrates movement, breathing, balance, and trust. 120 MIN.



This state-of-the-art, three-tiered challenge course will feature tightropes, balance beams, and log crossings, with 29 planned unique features. Explore and play, day or night, on this thrilling new addition to our outdoor adventure offerings. Classes include: Black-Capped Vireo, Golden-Cheeked Warbler, Leap of Faith, Miraval Summit Challenge, Rock Squirrel, Soul Flight


The black-capped vireo is a snazzy songbird that uses teamwork to nest and feed. Using that same spirit of communication and cooperation, you will face obstacles you need to overcome together in the heart of the new Blue Heron Challenge Course. Swing through Olympic rings, teeter on tightropes, and dare to climb on the Miraval sign that hangs 25 feet in the air. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs. $


This stunning but endangered, black-plumed warbler with soft golden cheeks is found only in the Texas Hill Country, where it nests in juniper-oak woodlands. Peer at the property from avian heights while you walk the planks, uneven paddles, tightropes, and other obstacles. A harness keeps you safe as you perch at the highest point on property (35 feet in the air) and see the world below from a new perspective. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs. $


Surrender to a freefall state in this challenge course activity that uses state-of-the-art technology. You will climb 40 feet in the air to the top, where you will be hooked into a flight line device that safely allows you to stand at the platform’s edge. Here, you will take a deep breath and a leap of faith by gliding into a 15- foot freefall, then continue descending for 20 feet as you are safely and slowly lowered to the ground at the rate of six feet per second. Experience a pure moment of bliss as you face your fears and feelings in this juncture of suspension and release. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs


Don’t miss Miraval Austin’s ultimate high-course experience. Tap into your primal spirit by climbing through the Black-Capped Vireo course. This course will challenge your balance, grit, and strength as you work through obstacles and heights. Next, you climb 35 feet to the property’s highest point on the Golden-Cheeked Warbler course. Conclude with an intention-setting exercise, as you let go, symbolically and physically, and leap off the platform into a 15-foot freefall using state-of-the-art technology. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs. $


Channel the agility of one of our friendliest neighbors, the Hill Country rock squirrel, who moves among the trees while traversing many obstacles. In this climb, you will move through various ropes, swinging logs, and planks that hover up to 15 feet in the air. This climb is an excellent introduction to our new Blue Heron Challenge Course and a great start for those who struggle with heights. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs


Make your way through two obstacle-course levels of our new Blue Heron Challenge Course. Begin with the Rock Squirrel Climb by traversing through various ropes, swinging logs, and planks that hover up to 15 feet in the air. Next, you will make your way to the heart of the course on the Black-Capped Vireo obstacle course by navigating Olympic rings, tightropes, and a chance to climb on the Miraval Sign. Set an intention and let your soul soar as you zip your way off the second level with our rolling true-blue harness system. Please note - weight restriction 250 lbs. $



Challenge the story you’ve been told about yourself and your abilities. Our trained guides take you through a series of obstacles and adventures to help you set goals, forge bonds, and tell your own story of triumph. $75 | 120 MIN

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Face your doubt, insecurity, and fear as you swing from a cable 35 feet above the ground. May cause motion sickness. 120 MIN.