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Our broad activity offerings will help you create balance, embrace your authentic self, and live your best life.

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The Way of the Archer

A great practice of meditation and breathwork, archery lets you sharpen your focus and define your aim and intention. In archery and in life, we can pull back to move forward by expanding a bow and launching an arrow to meet any target. Stay alert and aware by disregarding distractions and releasing negativity with graceful movement. 120 MIN | $45

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Slacklining is a great way to learn more about stability and mindfulness in a fun, low-commitment setting. While slacklining is inherently challenging, tangible progression can be experienced over a two-hour session. Leave with a greater understanding of how to summon balance and focus while having fun. 60 MIN

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Join us in the meditative world of fly fishing. Its constant, repetitive, casting motion brings a focused calm to a hectic world. This workshop introduces basic fly tying and casting techniques and discusses how you can use them to enhance your connection to the natural world in the present moment. This introductory practice takes place on land. Experienced fly fishers may request a private class, put on waders, and test their skills in some of our great creeks and springs. 120 MIN


Discover a new way to see why we miss the target with our intentions sometimes. Learn to throw the hatchet to have fun and focus your mental and physical skills. 60 MIN | $45