two people inside stable with a horse


At the Cypress Creek Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help unleash creativity, improve communication, heal fear and trauma, and take you on an unforgettable ride.

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Practice living life in the moment as you work with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators. Perform equestrian ground skills and get a chance to notice personal patterns that may be holding you back in this exercise and in your life. *Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Riding not a part of offering. 2 HRS | $105

Seasonally offered April through November


Tap into your creative spirit by using the side of a horse (that’s right, a horse!) as your canvas. We use a living canvas to remind us to stay present and grounded in our storytelling. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water bottle. Note that this can be a messy experience. 2 HRS | $105

Rhythmic Riding

Ride to the rhythm of Texas tunes in this two hour workshop that is a therapeutic, fun way to practice rhythm and self -regulation skills. Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and you will get a chance to hear some local musicians as you ride. You will gain self-awareness and balance all while finding relationship and connection with your horse. This workshop is suitable for any skill level. Wear long pants and closed toed shoes. 120 MIN | $175 PP


Move a horse around the pen without touching or speaking to identify your communication challenges and strengths. Horses can help us see more clearly, live more mindfully, identify personal blocks to communication, and develop new paths to self-awareness. Be guided by the wisdom of our four-hooved friends. 2 HRS | $105