At the Cypress Creek Ranch, award-winning equine experiences help unleash creativity, improve communication, heal fear and trauma, and take you on an unforgettable ride.

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Mindful Horseback Riding

Experience the joy that comes by allowing trust to freely flow between you and the horse. This is a meditative ride focused on being present. 120 min | $175

Man petting horse at Miraval Austin Wellness Resort & Spa.


Foundations of Horsemanship

This class leads you through all the basics in horsemanship from leading correctly to grooming and saddling. Your relationship with your horse begins the moment you meet in the pasture and lasts a lifetime. 90 min | $65

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Seasonally offered


This innovative workshop will utilize the nature and physiology of the horse and the playfulness of our inner child to mindfully create with paints and brushes. Our experienced facilitators will guide the participants through unforgettable experience where the horse is the canvas. 2 Hrs | $75


Mindful Grooming

A true hands-on workshop meant to create synergy between you, your breath, and another being by surrendering yourself and your anxiety to the moment. 90 min | $65

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Texas Sage Equine Meditation

Learn to access intuition and experience being present through a series of intentional mindfulness exercise’s and observe how achieving this sense of peace can change the dynamics of the interactions you are able to have with the horses, and then experience this same peace with all your relationships. 90 Hr | $75

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Understanding Barriers

Common Ground

Move a horse around the pen without touching or speaking to identify your communication challenges and strengths. Horses can help us see more clearly, live more mindfully, identify personal blocks to communication, and develop new paths to self-awareness. Be guided by the wisdom of our four-hooved friends. 120 min| $65

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Learn how non-verbal communication, state of mind, and presence affect your ability to lead and project your intentions. Guided by our equine team, you will complete exercises that lead to greater self-awareness, enhanced intuition, and increased leadership skills. 2Hrs | $45