fresh fruits and dried ingredients used to infuse oils


Learn current and applicable tips for choosing the right quantity and quality of food to maximize taste, minimize waists, and boost the benefits of your daily activities and treatments.

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Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen

Reduce inflammation by embracing lifestyle choices that include recipes and shopping lists to simplify your grocery store experience. 90 Min | $95

granola and yogurt parfait topped with orange piece

Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Trust and treat your gut by optimizing your digestive health as you discover the benefits bacteria can bring to your immune system, blood sugar and mood. 90 Min | $95

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Mindful Eating

Learn to hear and respond intuitively to your body’s hunger as you unlock the secrets of mindful eating.

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Vitamins, Supplements & Your Health

Clarify the role of vitamins, minerals, and herbs in an interactive workshop based on your individual health goals. 90 Min | $95

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6 Tips to Master Your Metabolism

Tap into your body's wisdom and capacity for change with our nutritionists.

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Food Combinations for Ultimate Health

Get a glimpse of the complexity and beauty of whole foods and a new appreciation of their role in healthy lifestyles.


Color me Healthy

Colors provide clues about which foods protect your heart, bones, brain, and eyes and help fend off disease