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NOVEMBER 15 - 18

Michael Tennant | Thought Leader Event

November 15 - November 18


Do you find yourself seeking more authentic relationships with friends, colleagues, loved ones, and even yourself? If so, the first step might be cultivating greater self-awareness and empathy.

That is why we are excited to welcome Michael Tennant, founder & CEO of Curiosity Lab, where he will lead exclusive workshops focused on different forms of empathy. Learn how awareness and empathy can help you understand your own boundaries, and allow you to show up for yourself. Leave with a greater understanding of your personal values, biases, and how to create intentional connections in your life moving forward.

Michael's Exclusive Offerings

Enjoy a complimentary and interactive discussion on building empathy and strengthening emotional awareness.

View schedule and learn more about Michael Tennant in the links above.

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    Schedule of Events

    • Tuesday, November 16th

      • 5:00 PM - 6:00 pm | The Language of Feelings ($0)
    • Wednesday, November 17th

      • 10:00 AM - 11:00 am | The Language of Feelings ($0)

    Exclusive Offerings

    The Language of Feelings with Michael Tennant

    Learn from Michael’s story of loss, struggle, resilience, and overcoming hardship, and how his viral sensation card game Actually Curious and other tools for mindfulness helped him overcome challenges and spark an empathy movement.

    During the interactive discussion, Michael will introduce attendees to “the Language of Feelings” which is Phase1 of his 5-Phases of Empathy model, and teach an exercise called “Feelings Roulette” where attendees get to practice and strengthen emotional awareness. 

    Meet your Leaders

    • Michael Tennant

      Michael Tennant is the founder of Curiosity Lab, a Black-owned hybrid product, entertainment, and consulting company that exists to build a massive community around the shared values of curiosity, inclusivity, and empathy. Michael's empathy workshops and card game, Actually Curious, have been featured in the New York Times, Inc Magazine, NBC’s Today Show, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and AdAge.

    Actually Curious Card Game

    Michael created a card game called, Actually Curious, as a tool for navigating difficult conversations and emotions. Born as a response to recent racial injustice and COVID-19 trauma, Actually Curious is a tool for helping individuals and organizations find greater inclusivity, empathy, and wellbeing.