An integral part of the path to a life in balance


The intention of Conscious Cooking at Miraval is to do more than please the palate: It is to shape how we view food—its production, preparation, consumption, and relationship to ourselves and our community.

Culinary and Dining

Always delicious and complimentary, Miraval cuisine reflects this Conscious Cooking philosophy. Menus are ever-changing to utilize locally grown and thoughtfully sourced ingredients at the peak of freshness—celebrating the diverse textures and flavors of wholesome food, organic cocktails, and a curated list of fine wines.

However, memorable culinary experiences are not limited to restaurant dining: Afternoon appetizers, fresh smoothies, and other treats, along with classes and hands-on demonstrations, combine healthy living, eating, and learning.


Do you have a favorite Miraval meal, dessert, snack, or cocktail that you wish you could recreate at home? Now you can! Miraval Chefs provide tools and recipes for creating a life in balance through culinary inspiration, education, and discovery. Submit a recipe request below! Receive Miraval recipes by following us on social or sign-up for our newsletter. Our most popular recipes requests will be featured monthly on social and the Miraval blog.




Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen

The Life in Balance Culinary Kitchen features state-of-the-art educational culinary facilities that host our signature hands-on culinary workshops, as well as special events and celebrations. Enter our open, experiential kitchen and learn alongside Miraval’s culinary team about using the right tools and techniques to add flavor and texture to healthy meals. This is a fresh, essential space for you to explore your epicurean interests and gain insights into recipes, ingredients, and methods.

The Hilltop Crossings Kitchen

Making its debut in 2018, Miraval Austin’s Hilltop Crossings Kitchen will inspire the foodie in you to discover healthy, delicious meals that form a foundation for nurturing joy, connection, and creativity. Overlooking Lake Travis, our main restaurant is a space for guests to cross paths and share their love of food. Every recipe harnesses the skills of our chefs and the knowledge of our Miraval nutritionists so that you can make informed choices about portion size, ingredients, and combinations – indulging in the flavors and servings that bring delight and maintain balance.

The Nest

Make this your stop to refresh between spa treatments and activities. By day, grab a delicious smoothie, a cookie, or a healthy snack. By night, indulge in our extensive wine menu and full bar that complements our lovely lounge.

The Nook

This is your cozy corner for private dining events. Whether you are looking to host an intimate family gathering or a professional private party, this is the perfect space for creating camaraderie and conversation as you dine among friends, family, or peers.

Discovery Café

Enjoy a poolside snack, fresh-squeezed beverage or craft cocktail as you renew your view of the breath-taking hillside scenery. Dip your toes into the pool and try out our selection of tasty Austin-inspired treats and local favorite foods.


Keep Miraval Fresh

Inspired by our new hometown of Austin’s love affair with food trucks, we created our own rolling roadhouse of farm-fresh cuisine. Our Keep Miraval Fresh food truck brings delicious dishes from our farm to your fork. Keep an eye out for our truck that offers the freshest ingredients harvested from our own organic Cypress Creek Farm.