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About Miraval Austin

The Miraval Austin Story

Panoramic scenic view of area surrounding Miraval Austin Resort.

Miraval Austin Roots

Miraval Austin began as The Crossings, the unique vision of Joyce and Ken Beck in 2003. Their dream was to build a spiritual oasis for curious, health-seeking people and businesses. Built with care and intention, The Crossings quickly became a destination for bright minds and deep souls to convene, share ideas, and learn about and from each other.

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Miraval Resorts Origins

Part experiment, part personal dream, Miraval opened its doors outside of Tucson, Arizona in 1995 as a sanctuary for people hoping to acquire tools to regain balance and to restore health and happiness to their lives. A destination for the curious traveler, business-burnout escapee, and spiritual adventurer, Miraval became a leader in mindfulness-based resorts and spas, created and crafted with intention and authenticity.


To inspire a life in balance through mindfulness.




To be the most imaginative, authentic and meaningful wellness experience.

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Hyatt and Miraval: A Perfect Balance

In 2017, Hyatt Hotels acquired Miraval in a confident step on the path to wellbeing for the global Hyatt family and the people it serves. Hyatt, a company that places care at the heart of its core beliefs, joined with Miraval in an alignment of vision: to care for people so they can be their best. As the global leader in wellness resorts and spas, Miraval and Hyatt are humbled and honored to open the second full-campus Miraval Resort & Spa on this sacred preserve as we continue the tradition of stewardship and service for our guests and colleagues and the green, rolling hills we call home.